How to Reset Your Ram

Ok Mates, Sharing Something With You All Which I Have Been Using For Quite A While... This Definitely Works As I Have Used It Myself! All You Have To Do Is Simply Create The File & Hit Enter On It As Much Of Times You Can, Every Time You Do It It Keeps Reseting Your Ram & Eventually Speeding Your PC Up!
Tested On - Windows XP, Vista, 7.
If You Are Suspicious Of The Code Inside This File, You Can Simply Build It Yourself Too By Following These Steps -
1. Open NotePad.
2. Type In mystring=800000000 & Save The File As Anything.vbe
3. You Are Done, You Can Change Anything To Whatever Name You Wish To But Please Keep in Mind the .vbe extension Should Be There At The Last Of The Name.
4. Hit Enter On The File You Have Created As Many Times You Can!


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